CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced on April 1 that at the end of February 2011 Australia's bulk storage of wheat grain was estimated at 20.4 million tonnes, a decrease of 1.8 million tonnes compared to January. Stocks are still 30% higher than February 2010.

ABS reported that the wet harvest season resulted in a lower quality yield of wheat grain for February 2011. Of the total wheat grain stored by bulk grain handlers, 57% (or 11.6 million tonnes) was milling grade and 43% (or 8.8 million tonnes) was feed grade. This compares to 86% for milling and 14% for feed in February 2010.

Wheat grain stored by bulk grain handlers decreased in all states in February 2011, when compared to January 2011.

The most significant reductions were in New South Wales with 815,000 (10%) and Western Australia, down 499,000 (11%). New South Wales and South Australia had the largest amounts of wheat grain stored by bulk grain handles with 7 million tonnes and 5.1 million tonnes respectively.