Imas has opened an R&D center in Turkey focused on machinery installation. Photos courtesy of Imas.
KONYA, TURKEY — Imas Machinery has established a research and development center in Konya, Turkey, for machinery installation.

Imas Machinery, an affiliate of ?ttifak Holding, has received 21 designs and patents within the scope of recent R&D works.

Operating in the machinery installation sector and producing milling plants and milling machinery, band sawbucks used in metal cutting, steel construction feed plants and feed machinery, Imas Machinery carries out activities such as research and development, product designing, product development, diagram designing, system designing, software, and automation.

Mustafa Özdemir, general manager, said Imas believes performing beneficial works for the country will only be possible through added-value products or services, and this only will be achieved through innovation. This is why the company has been focusing on R&D activities within this scope.

Located in Konya, Turkey, Imas is involved in research and development, product designing, product development, diagram designing, system designing, software and automation.
“Our company was represented among the top 250 companies according to ‘Companies Making the Most Expenses for R&D Research’ byTurkishtimemagazine,” Özdemir said. “Our company ranked 173rd in general, achieved to be the sole company in the list from Konya. We aim to perform our R&D expenses at the level of 1.5 million TRY at the end of this year. These investments affected the development of our product quality in a short time. We were able to develop products with higher energy efficiency while reducing our production cost, and this was positively reflected in our exports.

“We are working with a team consisting of 21 people in our R&D department. With this center, we aim to contribute to a creation of a highly efficient and competitive economic environment while producing high added-value products.”

Imas Machinery, which was established in 1989 under the umbrella of ?ttifak Holding, established milling machinery and turnkey milling systems with its Milleral brand and feed machinery and turnkey feed plants with its Viteral brand.

The company constructs mainly steel industrial buildings with its Steral brand while producing various sawbuck models with its Cuteral brand.