Walter von Reding, head of Milling Solutions Flour Service at Bühler, teaches about flour quality during a one-day seminar at the African Milling School in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo courtesy of Bühler.
NAIROBI, KENYA — About 75 representatives of the milling industry came together at the African Milling School in Nairobi, Kenya, to learn from members of Bühler’s Flour Service business unit.

They heard about innovative and cost-efficient possibilities to improve flour quality. The one-day seminar addressed trends and developments in the milling and baking industries.

Special focus was given to specific flour characteristics and flour qualities as well as innovative milling technologies for the production of premium flours for industrial bakers and private homes.

Additional emphasis was put on the exact analysis of flour properties and the effect of particular flour components on baking properties. Finally, the participants learned more about the various flour ingredients and their positive impact on end products, such as bread, cakes, chapatti and pasta.

With its Flour Service business, Bühler said it not only holds seminars for knowledge transfer but also offers its customers specific solutions with customized ingredient mixes with the aim of improving the quality of end products.