HARYANA, INDIA — The Haryana Food and Drug Administration has decided to make it mandatory that all wheat flour, milk and edible oils are fortified, making Haryana the first state within India to implement such a rule, according to an article in theUnited News of India.

The decision was announced by Amit Jha, principal secretary of health and family welfare, while presiding over a meeting of the Haryana Food and Drug Administration. The meeting was attended by more than 150 representatives of the Edible Oil Manufacturers Association, the Milk Producer Association, the Roller Flour Miller Federation and other business groups, according to the United News of India.

Jha indicated that the items would be fortified by the Haryana Food and Drug Administration and distributed in mid-day meals in schools, at public distribution system outlets and under all integrated child development programs.

The announcement comes a little less than a year after Cargill, General Mills, Inc., Patanjali and Hindustan Unilever agreed to begin fortifying their wheat flour in India.