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SAINT-HYACINTHE, QUEBEC, CANADA— ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), will be introducing Anco AC, a new specialty feed additive for Canadian swine, poultry and dairy producers.

Developed in partnership with Austria-based Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, Anco AC is an anti-caking agent and yeast primary used in all phases of production across multiple species. It is designed to allow animals to deal more efficiently with nutritional stressors in their feed.

“The pressure for efficient animal production continues to motivate our team to find the best nutritional solutions for our customers,” said Maurice Champagne, regional business manager for ADM Animal Nutrition in Canada. “Anco AC is one such solution, providing a cost-effective way for producers to enhance the overall well-being of their animals and maintain consistent and profitable production.”

ADM, which has an equity investment in Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, provides customers with access to a variety of Anco specialty feed products, including Anco AC. Currently, ADM offers Anco products to customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico, with more geographies to be introduced in the near future.

Anco is a registered trademark of Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH. ADM Animal Nutrition is a trademark of ADM.

This is ADM’s latest feed additive addition into the feed industry. In September, the company announced that PROPLEX DY, a protein source for swine, poultry and aquaculture, has been approved for registration in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Mid-July ADM completed its acquisition of a controlling interest in Industries Centers, now known as ADM Israel. It serves as a significant and diversified customer base within Israel, operates a 45,000 tonne storage facility located at the Port of Ashdod.  Founded in 1993, ADM Israel trades corn byproducts and other grain products. It has offices in the Tel Aviv area.