Nibulon transshipment terminal
The transshipment terminal upon construction completion.
Photo courtesy of Nibulon. 
MYKOLAIV, UKRAINE – Nibulon is currently expanding its Mykolaiv transshipment terminal with a complex for grains and oilseeds storage. 

Nibulon noted the expansion was due to support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which allocated a long-term loan to the company in June.

Once completed it will be able to store seven different crops separately and simultaneously at the transshipment terminal. In addition, the terminal will be capable of receiving all crops and ensuring continuous transportation of agricultural products along the Southern Buh River.

Nibulon received a permit for construction at the end of October. The specialists are carrying out preparatory works at the site, as well as site planning and ramming piles. In total, there will be mounted six silos of 7,200 tonnes each. Upon completion, total capacity of grain silos located on the territory of the transshipment terminal will attain 173,000 tonnes. The completion is scheduled for February 2018.

Nibulon’s long-term and reliable partners, namely Kondratiuk Self-Employed Individual, Chornomorhidrobud Ltd., Perspektyva-Mykolaiv Ltd., PROMBUD-2 Ltd, Ukrdobrobud Ltd. are ramming piles and preparing foundations at the construction site.

Bühler GmbH, Cimbria Unigrain A/S, AGI, Precia S.A., Simatek are among the companies that will supply equipment for the complex.

Nibulon’s transshipment terminal in Mykolaiv began operations in 2004. The terminal features units to receive, ship and dry grain, plus a warehouse of floor grain storage with active ventilation and a capacity of up to 11,000 tonnes. It also includes two grain storage domes with the capacity of 50,000 tonnes each.

This is Nibulon’s most recent step in expanding its river terminals. In July 2016, Nibulon announced its plans to build at least 10 river transshipment terminals for bulk cargo along the Dnipro River, the Southern Buh River and other navigable rivers of Ukraine.

Also in July, Nibulon completed its transshipment terminal for grain and oilseeds in Hola Prystan, Ukraine. It took 100 days to build in the Kherson region equipped with 14 silos.