FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, U.S. — Three major U.S. agricultural organizations have announced the release of the first two new herbicide-tolerant CoAXium Wheat Production System varieties.

The organizations — the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, Inc., Albaugh, LLC and Limagrain Cereal Seeds, LLC — will introduce the certified seeds in the fall of 2018 to growers in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana and parts of Oregon and Washington.

The two hard red winter wheat varieties are Incline AX and LCS Fusion AX. LCS Fusion AX will be marketed by Limagrain, while Incline AX will be marketed under the PlainsGold brand by the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation.

The CoAXium Wheat Production System refers to a collaborative effort between the three organizations to deliver innovative and novel solutions for wheat producers in North America and around the globe. The organizations use a technology platform that combines a patented herbicide-tolerant trait and elite germplasm together with novel herbicide brands and best-in-class industry stewardship.

Brad Erker executive director of Colorado Wheat
Brad Erker, executive director at Colorado Wheat.

“The CoAXium Wheat Production System is the product of vision, innovation and collaboration,” said Brad Erker, executive director at Colorado Wheat. “Colorado wheat farmers, wheat breeding and weed science teams at Colorado State University, and our commercial partners are excited to implement this technology at home and share it with farmers around the country and the world. Incline AX is the first CoAXium wheat variety to help showcase the power of working together toward a common goal.”

Chad Shelton, global proprietary products director at Albaugh, added, “CoAXium Wheat Production System was built from the ground up with innovation, performance and grower value in mind. With the commercial launch of Incline AX and LCS Fusion AX wheat varieties, growers in the U.S. wheat market will start to maximize their return on investment by controlling tough winter annual grasses, including Group 2 (ALS) resistant biotypes. The CoAXium Wheat Production System is a combination of a patented herbicide trait, elite varieties, a new herbicide brand and a strong focus on industry stewardship.”