FarmLead offers free grain pricing tool
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U.S. – FarmLead, a North American online grain marketplace, has launched Price Discovery, its newest feature. Price Discovery provides an accurate, comprehensive view of historical and future grain price trends specific to the user’s geography, giving farmers the opportunity to make decisions when selling their grain.
“I shouldn’t have to make a phone call every time I want to sell my grain,” said Martin Prince, a farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada. “The ability to access local and accurate pricing saves me time and ensures that I’m able to find a bid for my grain at a fair and comparable price.” 

FarmLead noted it is difficult for North American farmers to properly access cash grain data that gives them an understanding of where local prices have been and where they are going. Access to such data is either expensive and cumbersome or extremely time consuming, preventing farmers from improving their ability to manage the cash (basis) price they receive for their grain.
FarmLead said its Price Discovery feature saves farmers time and money by providing the data in an appealing and easy-to-use format — with no upfront or subscription costs. When coupled with access to thousands of verified buyers on the FarmLead Marketplace, Price Discovery allows grain farmers to close deals faster. On average, the total process adds 6% more value to the final selling price of a farmer’s grain.
“This isn’t just a simple price transparency tool,” said Brennan Turner, chief executive officer and president of FarmLead. “It is a price education tool. FarmLead Price Discovery is the first of its kind to give farmers historical and future grain price data points without any cost. We want farmers to be able to make smarter decisions when it comes to selling their grain.”
The addition of Price Discovery is another step in the company’s mission. From market analysis,grain testing, and pricing recommendations, to accessing more qualified buyers and ensuring the best possible price for grain, FarmLead aims to provide end-to-end value throughout the grain marketing life cycle.

Price Discovery is the most recent application that FarmLead has offered to grain producers in North America. The latest addition to the FarmLead ecosystem, is the first online service that allows grain farmers to conveniently test their grain. Farmers can obtain third-party validation from testing labs across North America, including BioVision, Cotecna, Intertek, NDGI, NQI, SGS and 20/20 Seed Labs.