Symaga has created a new projects department to help coordinate construction of large facilities.
Photo courtesy of Symaga.
VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN – Symaga announced it has created a new projects department to coordinate large capacity facilities from beginning to end.

For successful large installations, the technical, commercial and logistic teams must guarantee a perfect planning of work from layout, to delivery of the material, and assembly, the company said.

Symaga’s projects department has developed the company’s latest plants in Myanmar and Korea, and now is working to coordinate a large storage project: six paddy rice facilities in Nigeria with over 390,000 tonnes of capacity divided into four twin facilities of large capacity and two of less capacity. The project aims to bring Nigeria, one of the largest importers of rice, closer to self-sufficiency.

This groundbreaking initiative would not have been possible without the close cooperation between Symaga and Bühler, Symaga said.

Next up for the projects department will be Symaga’s new ventures in Saudi Arabia, including three new large facilities in manufacturing process, in cooperation with Almarai, a major Saudi integrator.

The King Abdullah Seaport port terminal will have six silos of the largest capacity, 152,280 cubic meters for maize storage. The second project in Saudi Arabia is a new feed mill in Yanbu port terminal, that includes six large capacity silos and four delivery silos, totaling nearly 115,000 cubic meters capacity. The third facility will have storage for starch and glucose, and is made up of six silos of more than 27,000 cubic meters.