Viterras bulk loading facility at Port of Lincoln
SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA – Viterra is launching a new Cumulative Receival Report to allow grain growers and buyers access to aggregated grade information to assist with their respective marketing decisions.

The report will provide growers and buyers with commodity volumes by aggregated grade groups for wheat and barley within each port zone.

Andrew Hannon, group commercial manager, said Viterra was focused on meeting the needs of growers.

“This report will help make cumulative receival information more visible to growers on a weekly basis, particularly for wheat and barley,” Hannon said. “Growers will be able to better understand how their ownership fits the profile of these commodities in the Viterra network. 
They can then use this information as part of the suite of tools available to them in making their marketing decisions.

“The new report is in addition to the warehouse disclosure service that Viterra has been offering growers for many years, where growers can elect to publicly disclose their commodity, tonnes, site and contact information to buyers for grain warehoused in the Viterra network.”

Viterra continued to work hard to increase demand for South Australian grain to ensure growers had access to every domestic and export market available, Hannon said.

“This is done in a number of ways, including hosting international delegations and ensuring we meet the increasing food safety and quality control requirements of importing countries,” Hannon said. “The Cumulative Receival Report will be another way to encourage buyers to South Australia by giving them access to the aggregated grade volumes received during harvest.”

Hannon said the information would be available to growers and buyers on a “commercial in confidence” basis in a secure area of EziGrain from Oct. 23, updated weekly.

“As an export-focused state, we want strong demand from overseas customers and believe this level of information will provide a good balance for all stakeholders,” Hannon said. “Public information will still be available via the Weekly Harvest Report and the Quality Statistics by grade and site that Viterra publishes on its website each harvest.”

The new launch comes as the South Australian Harvest recently came to a close and Viterra begins to receive loads of grain. 

Viterra received its first load of new season grain, signaling the start of harvest in South Australia.

The first load for the 2017-18 season was a load of barley into Port Pirie by a Mambray Creek grower.

Michael Hill, group operations manager, said the company had been working closely with growers in the lead up to harvest to ensure sites can meet their needs this year.

“We are well-prepared for harvest with the arrival of yesterday’s first load, which is two weeks earlier than last year,” Hill said. “We are employing 1,300 additional people for the harvest period, mostly in regional areas, to ensure we can provide growers, exporters and domestic customers with a high level of service.”

Viterra said it is continually focusing on flexibility for receiving and exporting grain.