CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U.S. -FarmLead, a North American online grain marketplace, announced the launch of The latest addition to the FarmLead ecosystem,
GrainTests.comis the first online service that allows grain farmers to conveniently test their grain. Farmers can obtain third-party validation from testing labs across North America, including BioVision, Cotecna, Intertek, NDGI, NQI, SGS and 20/20 Seed Labs.
“Grain testing has become a vital component in price setting in today's agricultural markets,” said Kia Adams-Mikesh, vice-president of NDGI. “Given the increased demand for commodities and tight production schedules of end users, grain buyers require a deeper, more immediate understanding of the specifications of the commodities they are purchasing. provides access to testing labs for independent producers that are enjoyed by North America's top agricultural producers. Some of these labs are also certified by the USDA, the centralized standard for the United States.”
The grain testing process is an integral part of the grain marketing lifecycle. Unlike traditional grain testing methods that rely on manual and time-consuming processes, the new GrainTests service by FarmLead streamlines the process. According to the company, the new process will free farmers from the typical workday-hour constraints and paperwork, phone calls and emails between farmers and lab managers. The GrainTests online portal moves grain testing into the digital era and gives farmers 24-7 access to labs and payment processing. In addition, the resulting independent perspective of what is for sale helps buyers know they are paying a fair price, the company said. 
Tight conditions in U.S. wheat markets have created strong demand for high-protein wheat across the country. As per the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports, American hard red spring wheat production is down 22% from last year and more than 26% from the five-year average. The gap is even more pronounced in durum wheat, with U.S. output 47% below 2016’s harvest and nearly 30% behind the five-year average. U.S. barley production is down by almost one third, from both the five-year average and 2016. Further, American oats output is down 30% from the five-year average and nearly 25% from last year. 
FarmLead said buyers have expanded across their traditional networks to work with farmers to find grain with unique specifications to meet the needs of their buying programs. Knowing grain specification is essential, especially in a buyer's market. Farmers need to understand the quality of their grain so they can set a fair price and better negotiate with buyers across the country.
“Second only to knowing your cost of production, knowing the quality of your grain is a critical factor when farmers try to sell grain for top dollar,” said Brennan Turner, chief executive officer and president of FarmLead. “Getting your grain independently tested through assures each farmer honest but critical feedback to boost grain marketing power. Farmers can then use the FarmLead Marketplace to easily reach the maximum number of buyers, who can also be instantly assured of the grain’s quality.”
Buyers have specific and limited quality tolerances when purchasing barley, oats and pulse crop markets. In a competitive market, the more information a farmer can provide about the grain, especially the quality of their grain, during the marketing process, the easier it will be to set the right price, attract interest and close the sale, FarmLead said.

From grain testing, price visibility, and sale recommendations, to the largest and fastest growing marketplace of verified buyers and sellers of grain in North America, FarmLead said it works to offer grain farmers everywhere unprecedented control over the process of selling their crops.

Built by farmers for farmers, FarmLead is reinventing how grain is marketed and sold through the world’s fastest growing grain marketplace. Available online and as a mobile app, FarmLead also provides farmers access to market research, grain testing, price visibility and reduced brokerage fees and risks. The FarmLead Marketplace facilitates works to greater equality, efficiency and transparency for the grain industry.