WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Producers across the Canadian Prairies will be meeting with their Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) directors in a series of accountability meetings in 20 communities across the Prairies in March.

The annual Farmer Forum meetings provide an opportunity for farmers to discuss grain-marketing issues with their elected CWB directors and senior managers. Producers can assess CWB finances and performance from the previous crop year, and gather market outlook information for the coming season. Farmers are also invited to share their views on CWB programs, services and policy. The meetings take place between March 7 and 17.

“Farmers working together is the whole idea behind the CWB,” said Allen Oberg, a producer from Forestburg, Alberta who chairs the CWB’s farmer-controlled board of directors. “That’s why it’s so important that we all take advantage of these opportunities to sit down together and discuss how we’ve done and where we’re going. These meetings are also an important part of accountability to our fellow Prairie producers.”

At each meeting, a member of the CWB’s senior management team will be in attendance to present information about CWB performance and goals, and hear from farmers. Experts in particular areas, such as weather, market analysis, logistics and finance will also join the elected directors in these forums.

Farmers can register online, or by phoning 1.800.275.4292. For a complete list, including times and venues,