VIGAN will be adding an additional pre-assembly hall at its manufacturing facility in Nivelles, Belgium.
Photo courtesy of VIGAN.
NIVELLES, BELGIUM – VIGAN is expanding its manufacturing facility in Nivelles, Belgium, with a major extension of its pre-assembly hall.

The current assembly hall of 50m x 20m span will soon be extended by an additional hall of 70m x 30m span, with lifting capacity of up to 50 tonnes.

Work is scheduled to begin in October with completion in May 2018, in time for the company’s 50th anniversary.

In 2015, VIGAN installed 1,000 solar panels. This new hall will have space for an additional 1,000 panels producing around 30% of the factory’s total need.

A complete pre-assembly of all ship-unloaders and ship-loaders is essential to guarantee quality and to prepare the future commissioning of the equipment at the customer site, VIGAN said.

Grain operators are handling bigger vessels, up to post-Panamax at higher capacities. VIGAN said it continues to invest in R&D and manufacturing facilities to offer handling equipment in line with the market demand.

Today, all of its activities take place on the same 10,000 square meter site in Nivelles, 30km south of Brussels. Use of the same location enables easy exchange of information among all departments including sales, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and after-sales technical assistance, VIGAN said.