Lous Dreyfus Grains Operations
The grains platform continues to experience leadership change. 
Photos courtesy of LDC.
ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Louis Dreyfus Company B.V. (LDC) changed senior management on the Grains and Value Chain Platforms and Juice Platform, which go into effect immediately.

Adrian Isman senior head of Grains and Value Chain Platforms
Adrian Isman
Adrian Isman has been named senior head of Grains and Value Chain Platforms, replacing David Ohayon, who has resigned. Isman also will retain his existing responsibilities as head of North America. 

Murilo Parada has been named head of the Juice Platform at a global level, in addition to his current role as head of the North Latin America Region.

The company said the changes are part of ongoing organizational plans for LDC’s platforms, based on its long-term strategy, and will further reinforce the company’s efforts as it progresses effectively toward its goals.

The company has had several changes in management recently. In June, LDC made some executive changes in leadership in its EMEA region. Ohayon relinquished his duties as head of the EMEA region and were taken on by Pedro Nonay Vela. In addition to Nonay's new role he also remained head of oilseeds of EMEA.

In March, Armand Lumens was appointed group chief financial officer (CFO).
Federico Cerisoli, who was named group CFO in June 2016 after Sandrine Téran announced she was stepping down as CFO, assumed the roles of deputy CFO and chief controlling and accounting officer in March as well.

In 2015, a new chief executive officer (CEO) was named following a 17-month search, and changes to the supervisory board were made in May 2016.

Serge Schoen stepped down from the CEO position in 2013 to assume the executive chairmanship of Louis Dreyfus Commodities. When Gonzalo Ramírez Martiarena was hired as CEO in October 2015, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus was appointed non-executive chairperson of the supervisory board.

In May 2016, Schoen was no longer a member of the supervisory board, which includes five members: Louis-Dreyfus (non-executive chairperson), Jean-René Angeloglou, Michel Demaré, Mehdi El Glaoui, Andreas Jacobs and Dr. Jörg Wolle.