Didion Milling
CAMBRIA, WISCONSIN, U.S. — Didion Ethanol LLC, a subsidiary of Didion Milling, Inc., earlier this month restarted operations at its ethanol plant in Cambria and is now accepting corn from area farmers at its grain elevator operations. The company’s operations had been suspended for several months following an explosion at the company’s main corn milling facility on May 31.

“It’s a multi-week process to restart and return to full production,” said Derrick Clark, vice-president of operations at Didion Milling. “We are excited the plant is up and running. It’s great to have the team back together and to see steam coming from the plant again.”

With operations beginning to ramp up, Didion said that almost all of its employees are back to work and are spread across various locations. Some are working for different employers through Didion’s External Projects Team. These employees still receive pay and benefits through Didion while working for another employer until Didion is able to rebuild a new mill, the company said.

“This is a huge step in moving forward, both as a company and as a community,” Clark said. “As we begin to rebuild and focus on a stronger future here in Cambria, we will continue to care for our work family, meaning our employees, those who were injured at the site and the affected families.”

Didion also said it is in the initial planning stages for a new corn milling plant that the company said will be “one of the safest, most efficient milling facilities in the country.”