WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH Grain delivered more than A$6.5 million in top-up payments to Eastern Australian grain growers last week, the company said on March 16. The payment was credited on March 11 to all participants who selected the harvest and loan payment methods.

CBH Grain's Manager Eastern Australia Chris Ayers said this round of top-up payments brings the 2010-11 wheat pool to 85% paid, based on the harvest payment method.

"Based on the Loan payment method, this round of top-up payments brings the wheat pool to 95% paid," Ayers said. "Similarly for the 2010-11 barley pool, this brings the pool to 80% paid for growers who selected the Harvest payment and 90% paid for growers who have chosen the loan payment method."

Ayers said CBH Grain's 2010-11 wheat and barley pools would be finalized towards the end of the year.

"Our 2009-10 pools are likely to be finalized and paid out in the next few weeks, given the sales and shipping program is nearly complete," Ayers said. "This is one month ahead of the payment dates estimated in CBH Grain's Budget Guide for pool payments."