ESSEX, U.K. —ADM Milling, part of Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), has expanded its portfolio of flours and bakery ingredients with the launch of its new multi-seed concentrate with ancient grains in the United Kingdom. 

A bread mix blended from wheat flour and a variety of seeds and ancient grains, the new multi-seed mix may be combined with whole-meal, white or malted flours to help bakers diversify their portfolio in line with the latest consumer trends.

ADM Milling’s multi-seed concentrate with ancient grains contains five different seeds, including brown and golden linseeds; sunflower; pumpkin and poppy seeds; and four ancient grains: millet, chia seed, amaranth and quinoa. Typically perceived by consumers as being high in protein and fiber, the addition of these ingredients helps bakers create products that satisfy the demands of health-minded shoppers, ADM said.

“With a growing interest in more wellness-focused lifestyles, the demand for healthier and nutrient-enriched bread varieties continues to grow,” said Peter Hayes, national sales manager, bakery, at ADM. “In particular, the trend toward preferences for more natural and wholesome products has resulted in an increase in global product launches of baking ingredients and mixes containing ancient grains. Bakers can therefore leverage these premium ingredients to create differentiation in a highly competitive market. One way of doing this is by using specialty flours and mixes that offer manufacturers a simple way to deliver ancient grain and seed blends.”

ADM Milling’s new multi-seed bread mix may be combined with different flour varieties to create a range of seeded bread, including loaves and rolls. The blend of seeds and grains also adds texture to baked goods. For example, ADM Milling’s multi-seed concentrate with ancient grains may be combined with ADM’s harvest sun malted wheat flour for bread products with an additional source of fiber and malty taste and aroma.