MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Sixteen people with new grain industry products or ideas have been selected to make presentations at GEAPS’ Idea Exchange this year, the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) announced on Nov. 16.

The program, set for Feb. 27, will give each participant an opportunity to explain their innovations on stage.

The GEAPS Educational Programming Committee (EPC) selected the presenters at their Nov. 11 meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. The EPC extensively reviews each application and then selects the most appropriate and applicable for the Idea Exchange.

Idea Exchange has two parts. One part, “What’s New?,” provides a forum for participants to discuss products that are new to the industry, or which have unique new features. The other part, “Why Don’t They?... I Did!” focuses on innovations made at grain facilities that others may find useful. This year, the Idea Exchange participants, as selected by the EPC, are:

What’s New?

— Konnection, Kasa Companies, Inc., Steve Reed

— Mapcon on – Demand, Mapcon Technologies, Inc., Tom Kopsa

— Integrated Receiving Pit Dust System, Boone Aeration & Environmental Corp, Delmar Mains

— Consolidated Standards for Inspection - Grain Handling Facilities, AIB International, John A. Rightor

— ArrowCorp, Premier Mercury - Patented Indent Length Separator, Rick Gergatz

— BinSpector V1.0, BinTech LLP, Guy A. Fromme

— Automatic Railcar Gate Opener, Calbrandt, Inc., Brad Goldbeck

— EZSentinel, CMC Industrial Electronics, Bob Reis

— Daay Bin Paddle Sweep, Sioux Steel Co., Dan Iseminger

— Adjustable Rub Block Door Assemblies, Electro-Sensors, Philip Rae

— ntegra Web Net Systems, Integra Plastics, Jeany Hesse

— OPI-Integris Moisture Cable, OPIsystems Inc. - Integris USA, Christine Bridgman

— Behavioral Safety the Right Way, RCI Safety, Chris Goulart

Why Don’t They… I Did!

— Baltic Birch Plywood Coffer-Dam, Star of the West Milling Co., Wayne Bauer

— Power Core CPV - 6 Silo Bin Vents, Zen-Noh Grain, Corp., Donaldson Torit, Dave McGovern

— Enclosed River Belt, Cargill, Florence II, Dan McClenning