Wheat Foods Council
In addition to setting its program plan in place, the WFC board elected its 2017-2018 officers at the meeting.
RIDGWAY, COLORADO, U.S. — The Wheat Foods Council has begun its second year of implementing its four core strategies. The WFC’s program for the 2017-18 fiscal year, which began July 1, will key on personal trainers, enriched wheat products, registered dietitians and modern wheat.

The WFC plans to exhibit at a personal trainer exposition and grow its www.centerfornutritionandathletics.org web site, which connects with personal trainers. A webinar presence will expand, and the WFC will develop an app that personal trainers may use with their clients to provide nutrition advice, meal plans, menus, videos and tips. The WFC will sponsor Michele Tuttle, a silver medalist in the age 50-54 division at the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel.

This fiscal year the Council will conduct its second wheat foods seminar at the Culinary Institute of America and hold its second annual Enrich Your Life 5K. The WFC will continue to drive conversations about the benefits of enriched wheat, an effort to battle misperceptions. Registered dietitians will continue to reach millions of consumers. The WFC’s media registered dietitian team already has reached more than 56 million consumers. The WFC also has initiated a campaign to improve the image of modern wheat and wheat breeding through messaging, including webinars and podcasts, to influencer groups by using scientific facts.