Didion Milling raised its flag to full-mast to commemorate the release of its employees from the hospital. Photo courtesy of Didion.
CAMBRIA, WISCONSIN, U.S. — Didion Milling Co. on June 28 marked a special milestone, raising its flag to full-mast to commemorate the release of all of its employees who had been recovering in the hospital.

On May 31, an explosion and large fire occurred at Didion Milling’s corn mill in Cambria, Wisconsin, U.S., killing five people and injuring 16. The three individuals who died at the scene of the explosion were Duelle Block, Robert Goodenow and Pawell Tordoff. Angel Reyes and Carlos “Charly” Nunez died later from injuries sustained in the explosion.

“Four weeks ago today, we experienced a heartbreaking tragedy, forever etched in our minds,” Didion Milling noted in a June 28 posting on Facebook. “We will never forget. Today also marks a special milestone, as we raised our flag to full-mast, commemorating the release of all team members who have been recovering in the hospital. We are happy to announce these team members are at home with their families and recovering on or ahead of schedule. The raising of our flag also symbolizes our unwavering determination to build a stronger future. We are #DidionStrong.”

Didion Milling is a Wisconsin-based, family-owned agricultural processing business.

According to the 2017 Grain & Milling Annual, the facility’s total 24-hour grind capacity is 14,000 bushels with storage capacity of 3.2 million bushels. The products produced at the facility include corn grits, flour, meal and pregelatinized products. The construction of the mill was completed in 1991. It is located 20 miles from Interstate 94 and is situated on the Wisconsin Southern Railroad.