DARLINGTON, U.K. – Vortex announced on May 30 that its loading solutions product line has gained Zone 20 (internal) and Zone 21 (external) ATEX certification in the E.U.

Because ATEX certification is required for equipment sold through the E.U., this certification allows Vortex to broaden its international reach and enter an established European market for loading spouts. As Zone 20 and Zone 21 are the highest ATEX ratings that can be achieved, Vortex loading solutions are compliant for use in even the most hazardous applications, making Vortex products a viable option for all industries.

Established on March 29, 2014, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU is a revised law requiring equipment manufacturers to design and construct equipment in a way that ensures a static dissipative path for material flow, thus reducing the source of ignition for use of equipment in explosive environments. Complemented by ATEX Directive 99/92/EC, which is law enforced in the workplace, the purpose of the ATEX Directive is to ensure employee safety and protection when manufacturing in hazardous environments.

The notified body sourced to assist Vortex in gaining certification was the U.K.-based firm, SGS Baseefa. A certification process that took nearly one year to complete, SGS Baseefa was responsible for reviewing drawings and product standards, and for performing material testing, to ensure the loading solutions product line is mechanically and electrically compliant with ATEX Directive guidelines.

Vortex loading solutions are designed to capture fugitive dust, prevent material waste, ensure plant and environmental safety, and minimize maintenance and service expenses. Vortex loading spouts also may be designed for standard, abrasive and food-grade material handling, making them an ideal solution for any bulk solids application. Spout sleeves may be constructed from four material options – two of which have been ATEX-certified. Coupled with the spout’s four-cable pulley system and 10-year cable warranty, Vortex Loading Solutions are reliable for safety and functionality in any material handling application.

All Vortex products from the Quantum and Titan lines are also ATEX-certified.