AFIA_Distinguished Service Award given to Bob Brill in 2017_Photo cred AFIA
Award given to those who have provided outstanding support to the organization and the feed industry.
Photo courtesy of AFIA.
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, U.S. – Bob Brill received the 2017 Distinguished Service Award, the highest honor given by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), for his life-long contributions to the U.S. feed industry.

The award was presented at the AFIA board of director’s dinner on May 9 in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.

Award recipients are elite members of the U.S. feed industry who have provided outstanding support to the AFIA and the entire feed industry throughout their careers.

Brill began his career at IBM, where he was introduced to the concept of linear programming. He then started Software Dynamics Inc., which used that concept for least-cost feed formulation. This revolutionized the feed industry, saving millions of dollars by allowing all nutritional requirements from an array of ingredients to be met in the best cost combination, the AFIA said.

After selling his first company, he began Brill Corp., which began work with mini computers, and later was the first company to offer linear programming for personal computers. This company expanded into South America, bringing the technology into the broader feed industry. Brill Corp. was sold in the late 1990s. Brill then founded Brilliant Alternatives, where he focused on bringing his technology into more international markets, especially Asia.

“Bob has been a great asset to the success of AFIA, as well as the U.S. and global feed industry,” said Joel G. Newman, president and chief executive officer of AFIA. “He is a world-class, renowned software expert who helped to revolutionize the feed industry.”

Brill has served on AFIA’s Technology Committee and has been involved in other trade associations, including the Canadian Feed Industry Association. He received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics from Lebanon Valley College and a master’s degree in mathematics from Penn State University.