DARLINGTON, U.K. — Vortex Global Ltd., a solids and bulk handling components company, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Solids Handling and Processing Association (SHAPA) Company of the Year Award.

In order to be considered for the award, companies must demonstrate achievement, improved sales success, or deployment of industry best practices. Vortex was selected as a finalist for the award due to the company’s rapid growth in both company size and sales.

When Vortex first entered Europe in 2006, the company had only a handful of sales prospects and no prior sales history throughout the continent. With no real brand recognition, Vortex said the company also struggled to establish high quality distribution channels. Despite this, Vortex assisted its customers by solving processing problems through excellent service and response, allowing the company to find its place in new markets, the company said. In the past year, Vortex Global Ltd. has relocated to a larger facility and has hired additional staff.

Although Vortex has experienced six consecutive years of growth in the United Kingdom and in export markets, the company realized record growth of 44% in 2016. Such growth was assisted by Vortex Global expanding its sales portfolio to now include more than 50 countries, including orders secured in the U.K., Germany and Vietnam. In addition, the company’s new Loading Solutions offerings are the fastest growing portion of the Vortex portfolio, with Vortex loading equipment now installed on six continents, the company said.

“We are very honored to join Russell Finex and Vent-Tech as finalists for this award,” said Travis Young, executive vice-president of marketing and global strategy at Vortex. “SHAPA has been an invaluable resource for Vortex over the years and is an organization that truly serves the solids processing industry.”

Entry to these awards is open to all U.K.-registered, SHAPA member and non-member companies and institutions operating in the solids handling and processing industry. The winner will be announced and presented at the SHAPA AGM & Solids Handling Industry Awards Dinner on April 25. SHAPA will publicize the award and its winners on its web site.