FarmDirect will primarily be available for milling quality wheat and feed barley.
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – With a record crop and strong export demand, GrainCorp has launched a new post-harvest delivery service for farmers to manage and market grain they have stored on-farm.

GrainCorp FarmDirect is for the receival of 2016-17 season grain, with a tolerance for insects, under controlled quality parameters and fumigation. This service will be available at Geelong and 12 country sites across southern New South Wales and Victoria.

It primarily will be available for milling quality wheat and feed barley to service both domestic and export markets.

“On-farm storage plays a role in many growers’ harvest plans and growers are seeking new ways to manage their on-farm grain, including insect control and access to more markets,” said Nigel Lotz, general manager of operations at GrainCorp. “With the record crop, there is strong export demand. Many buyers are keen to secure additional grain in our quality-assured network, with 90% of warehoused grain already sold.”

Growers will be able to deliver their 2016-17 season grain into warehousing, with the flexibility in selling their grain online with CropConnect, he said.

“Quality remains the primary focus for GrainCorp so we have a comprehensive quality management plan in place to ensure the grain meets our customers’ demands,” Lotz said. “This includes designated storages to receive, fumigate and manage this grain separately from harvest deliveries. The grain will be extensively tested as it flows through our supply chain into both domestic and export markets.”

FarmDirect builds on the company’s existing warehouse and quality management and the various new services it has launched in the past two years.