CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U.S. — In February one of Archer Daniels Midland Co.’s (ADM) corn processing complexes in Decatur, Illinois, U.S., was shut down twice due to a weather related power outage and a leak in one of its pipes.

“On Feb. 6, our Decatur corn processing complex suffered a weather-related power outage,” ADM said on March 24. “While working to restart the plant, we discovered a significant leak in a 72-inch pipe feeding cooling water to the mill. We shut the plant down while we worked to make temporary repairs to the pipe. On Feb. 11, we restarted the plant at partial capacity. On Feb. 15, we ramped up to full capacity.”

The plant was shut for a second time on Feb. 22 to continue permanent repairs on the pipe. The plant returned to partial operating capacity on Feb. 23 and full capacity on Feb. 26. ADM said the cooling water that left the pipe was retained within its containment system.

“We have put in place contingency plans that will allow the facility to continue operations if such failures occur in the future,” ADM said. “We expect this event to have a small negative impact on our results for the first quarter, principally in our corn processing business.”

According to the 2017 Grain & Milling Annual, the plant produces corn sweeteners and fuel grade alcohol. The company as a whole has 239 processing plants in North America as well as 421 grain storage facilities with a storage capacity of 468.56 million bushels.