Mathews Company
M-C will introduce the Next Generation Legacy Series dryer to producers at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., in February.
Photo courtesy of Mathews Company.
CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS, U.S. — Mathews Company (M-C), a global manufacturer of grain dryers, has launched its newest grain dryer product line: The Next Generation Legacy Series. In production for over 40 years, the Legacy Series has been a flagship product for the company. The Next Generation Legacy Series offers producers and commercial grain facility operators an expandable “profile” style dryer that has the advantages, features, and overall operational efficiency associated with M-C’s tower-style dryers. M-C will introduce the Next Generation Legacy Series dryer to producers at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., in February.


M-C’s said its initiative to pursue higher energy efficiency in the Legacy Series resulted in a product development grant awarded from The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), an organization that invests in the research and development of fuel efficient grain drying technologies.

Key upgrades included a completely overhauled and redesigned fan, burner and control system. M-C said it took technologies typically considered upgraded features by other manufacturers, and incorporated them into The Next Generation Legacy Series’ new design; for example, the in-line, beltdriven, commercial-grade centrifugal fan(s). The design was established to produce reliable airflows, easy maintenance access, and much greater efficiency. To complement the overhauled fans, a solid performing burner was extensively tested and incorporated into the design as well. It features a cast aluminum manifold and stainless steel air distributors. The burner was specially designed to ensure it was placed in a location relative to the airflow, thereby resulting in the most efficient use of fuel when heating the drying air. Relocating key components to be more accessible was also important, the company said. For example, the LPG vaporizer has been repositioned and now may be easily adjusted from outside of the dryer. In addition, upgraded ladders, safety cages and service platforms were redesigned; one specific example is the wider rear platform now allowing for easier and safer service access to the dryer.

Further refinement has included the introduction of the company’s other new product launch for 2017: The Pinnacle 20|20 dual touchscreen control system. Pinnacle 20|20 is a PLC-based control system that includes two large customizable touch-screens, has remote connectivity for operational monitoring, and intuitive troubleshooting and help features. M-C Trax, which allows users to monitor critical dryer data remotely, also comes standard.

The Next Generation Legacy Series is available in seven model sizes. Drying capacities range from 700 bushel to 5,600 bushels per hour.

Headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, U.S., Mathews Company has been a global manufacturer of agriculture equipment since 1954, specializing in grain drying. M-C said it is committed to “Building for the Future,” striving to provide superior products and unmatched service through innovation, expertise and quality. M-C dryers are available through authorized dealers worldwide.