GSI is showcasing its InterSystems equipment at IPPE 2017, including its Kleen-Drag Conveyor. 
Photo by Susan Reidy.
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, U.S. – Feed storage and processing equipment exhibitors at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) say business is strong internationally, and improving domestically due in part to the large size of the U.S. crop.

The event in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., opened Tuesday, Jan. 31, and continues through Feb. 2. It includes educational sessions, networking opportunities and more than 1,200 exhibitors.

“There’s been expansion activity across the live production and processing side and the feed mills are part of that,” said Hans Lehmann, vice-president and general manager, North America, GSI. “Feed has been hanging on pretty good. Meat consumption is good and domestically we are seeing expansion in swine to support the new packing facilities coming online and expansion on the poultry side.”

Grain has been a little soft, he said, but is showing some signs of life with a big 2016 crop, strong exports, improved ethanol margins and a swing back to profitability.

“Some of things that drive business for commercial grain elevators are starting to swing back, on top of a big crop,” Lehmann said. “Some probably wish they had spent the money last year.”

GSI is showcasing its InterSystems products, including its Kleen-Drag conveyors, built-in bin systems and micro ingredient systems.

With more than 30,000 expected attendees, IPPE is an ideal location for feed storage and processing equipment suppliers to make connections.

Buhler IPPE
Bühler says it gets an average of 200 leads per year from the IPPE show.
Photo by Susan Reidy.
“This show is hugely important to Bühler especially in North America, Central America and South America, but also globally,” Dan Lundt, Bühler’s sales director, feed and oilseeds North America, toldWorld Grainduring the event. “We get an average of 200 leads out of this show each year. We get to meet our customers and show them what we have to offer.”

Bühler is showcasing its MultimpactMax Hammer Mill and its MultimpactFine Hammer Mill, which offer high capacity (60 tonnes per hour plus) for both coarse and fine grinding applications. The hammer mills meet the industry’s needs as it moves to fewer mills with larger capacities.

The company also is addressing health and safety concerns from increasing regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). All of Bühler’s pelleting equipment has stainless steel contact surfaces and is cleanable in place, limiting the interaction between the operator and the equipment, Lundt said.

Cleanliness also is key for sales of Global Industries’ steel Sentinel buildings, which are on display during IPPE. The buildings are designed mostly for tropical and sub-tropical areas because they are easy to keep clean and sterile, said Steve Frisbie, marketing director for Global.

“Growers are finding with these kinds of buildings, they can turn chickens over more quickly,” he said. “They tend to grow faster.”

Frisbie said business is strong in Asia and Europe, and the company is making some inroads in Africa and South America. MFS/York/Stormor, a division of Global, supplies hopper tanks and feed tanks for the global feed industry. So far, IPPE has been a good show for the company, he said.

“This is the show to be at,” Frisbie said. “We get people all over the world stopping by. We make a lot of contacts.”