Non-contact radar - 80 GHz radar for solids.
Photo courtesy of BinMaster.
LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, U.S. – BinMaster is now offering new options to reduce the cost and simplify the installation of non-contact radar.

With its vertically integrated machine shop and in-house engineering department, BinMaster said it makes sure customers get the sensor they need at an affordable price.

For roofs that aren’t flat, BinMaster designs and manufactures 0° and 30° mounting plates. If a sensor can’t be mounted directly over the area to measured, BinMaster offers 10° and 8° swiveling holders with directional aiming.

In addition, the company offers a variety of flange sizes and adapter flanges to eliminate the need for on-site or contracted fabrication. To reduce wiring costs, BinMaster offers wireless gateways and transceivers to eliminate long spans of costly wiring. 

A local data display is available that is affordable and can be mounted in a convenient location for push-button access to level data from the ground or a vehicle.

BinMaster also offers Binventory PC software for inventory management for an entire operation conveniently on a customers’ LAN, WAN, or VPN. They can integrate other types of sensors into Binventory so it is possible to manage all sensors and silos from one software.

BinView, a cloud-based application, works anywhere on any device with internet access, providing anytime access to inventory. It is also compatible with a wide variety of BinMaster sensors and just about any sensor that has a 4-20 mA output or Modbus RTU.