Awarding of the DLG-certificate “Best in Class” for Bühler.
Photo courtesy of Bühler.
UZWIL, SWITZERLAND – Bühler’s column dryer Eco Dry STKL6-05/02 received a Best in Class certificate from testing performed by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG).

The testing showed Best in Class results in thermal and total energy consumption. Total thermal energy consumption was 215.3 kWh/t while electrical energy consumption was 10.2 kWh/t. This particular test measured the drying performance and energy requirements of one harvest period for corn. This testing report aims to provide all necessary information to the investor, in order to assure an investment at optimal costs in the long term, Bühler said.

Compared to a dryer with 10% higher consumption, the potential savings is €258,375 over the course of a dryer´s lifetime (15 years).

The DLG verifies the performance and further specifications of machines and other technical equipment to validate the truth of advertised data. It is an accredited and independent testing institute.

The performance test includes adding many different sensors such as measuring instruments, pressure monitor sensors or measuring ventilators at the drying plant. They measure various parameters like the hot air temperature, the compression ratio or the air volume. The initial and final moisture content of the grain, the gas consumption, the environmental conditions and throughput rate of the dryer are recorded. The gathered data is analyzed and summarized in a detailed report, available here.