WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) has advised the CBH Group that incumbent director Clancy Michael has been re-elected by shareholders in this year's director election in District 1.

Michael of Mingenew stood for election against Coorow grower, Michael O'Callaghan in District 1 — the only district to host a CBH director election this year.

Michael, along with current directors Vern Dempster and Wally Newman, nominated as a candidate in this year's director elections as their three year-terms as a CBH director expire at CBH's Annual General Meeting (AGM) next week.

Dempster of Northam and Newman of Newdegate were re-elected unopposed in District 2 and District 4 respectively, following the closure of nominations for election on Jan. 10.

CBH Group Chairman Neil Wandel congratulated all three directors on their re-appointment.

"It is encouraging to see the re-appointment of three directors who are currently on the board," Wandel said. "It also shows us that shareholders value the current make-up of the board and it is an endorsement of the board's current strategic direction for the grower owned co-operative.

"Collectively, Dempster, Michael and Newman hold more than 16 years experience on the CBH board. This re-appointment of all three directors not only ensures a smooth transition and board continuity; it enables us to retain valuable experience at the board level as we successfully lead the co-operative into the future."

Wandel acknowledged O'Callaghan for stepping forward in this year's elections.

"O'Callaghan has a strong connection to the CBH Group through his history as a member of CBH's Grower Advisory Council," he said. "I have no doubt he will continue to take an active interest in the future of the WA grain industry."

The formal declaration of directors will take place at the CBH Group's 78th Annual General Meeting on March 2, which is open to all registered CBH Group shareholders.