OmniTrax worked with the Port of Brownsville to facilitate the lease of a large grain-handling facility to West Plains LLC.
BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, U.S. — OmniTRAX, Inc., one of the largest privately held transportation service companies in North America, recently worked with the Port of Brownsville to facilitate the lease of a large grain-handling facility to West Plains LLC. The 3-million-bushel-capacity grain elevator is located near the GEOTRAC Industrial Hub being developed by OmniTRAX, the company said.


According to OmniTRAX, the first train is set to arrive at the facility in the first quarter of 2017, representing the first grain delivery to the Port of Brownsville in five years. Commodities to be handled at the facility include corn, wheat, sorghum, animal feed, DDGS and cotton.

“The reactivation of the grain elevator by West Plains is another great example of bringing a commercial operator into the port to build out a vibrant opportunity for the region,” said Kevin Shuba, chief executive officer of OmniTRAX. “We see many more of these public-private partnerships coming in the future helping the GEOTRAC Industrial Hub reach its potential as a world class business site.

Mike Rowan, president of West Plains Grain, said the facility opening presents a “great opportunity” for West Plains to access the markets of Latin America as well as servicing other locations around the world.

The GEOTRAC Industrial Hub is the result of a strategic relationship between the Port of Brownsville and OmniTRAX that is developing thousands of acres for an Industrial Hub. The land, with its infrastructure that connects to the port and the Brownsville and Rio Grande International Railway, is well-suited for light and heavy manufacturing, logistics, energy services and export/import warehousing.

The Port of Brownsville is the only deep-water port located on the U.S. and Mexico borders. The port provides a range of services to ensure efficient and timely cargo delivery worldwide.

West Plains LLC is an agricultural commodity trading business specializing in warehouse operation, risk management and transportation, with a focus on creating value for the company's producers and consumers. The company owns and operates 25 grain elevators, with approximately 33 million bushels of storage capacity, across five states: Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas and Wyoming. The company also has an active merchandising business located in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. West Plains is part of the BioUrja Group of companies, which has a focus on energy and grains commodities supply and trading.