Aglytix and Farmobile will help AGCO deliver farm optimization services to customers.
DULUTH, GEORGIA, U.S. — AGCO Corp. on Dec. 6 announced development partnerships with Aglytix and Farmobile, two agricultural technology companies that AGCO believes will help it deliver farm optimization services to customers.

The partnerships are expected to enable growers to reduce waste, increase yield and improve profitability through actionable insights for their fleet, in their fields and across their farms, AGCO said.

The new services initially will launch through select dealers in North and South America in 2017, and will complement the fleet and operational services already available through AGCO’s Fuse Connected Services offering, the company said.

“We are extremely excited about these partnerships,” said Eric Hansotia, senior vice-president, global crop cycle, advanced technology solutions and dealer tech support at AGCO. “The unique expertise Aglytix and Farmobile bring to AGCO allows us to offer an entirely new level of productivity support and insight for growers. Many machines have gotten pretty good at effectively collecting data; solutions like these help increase our customers’ ability to really harness the power of that data — easily analyze it and use it. Now, with the help of these partners, we can further deliver on AGCO’s Fuse promise to connect the mixed fleet, improve efficiency and increase farm profitability.”

Aglytix is a software company that leverages proven and patented analytics methods and algorithms to identify challenges and opportunities growers face as they continually strive to increase productivity across their operations.

“Aglytix takes a fact-based, scientific approach to all of the analytics we deliver,” said Jerry Johnson, founder and CEO at Aglytix. “Agriculture has a wealth of data, little of which is used effectively. Our patented SolverPod analytics platform takes a lean farming approach and opens up a new world understanding for growers by putting this data to work to identify yield limiting and excessive cost issues. It will be turn-key for AGCO customers, and will add deeper insight and decision support for growers and their trusted crop advisors to make the best-informed decisions possible.”

Farmobile is a farm data company that helps farmers harness their fleet and field data, and enables growers to collect, store, share and sell their valuable operational data to vetted third parties.

“At Farmobile we have a mantra, ‘farmer power;’ it’s about empowering farmers and giving them tools to be in control of their success,” said Jason Tatge, founder and CEO at Farmobile. “Increasingly, data plays an essential role in that success. We can help customers harness data’s value, while ensuring they maintain ultimate ownership and control over it. This partnership with AGCO allows us to provide that on a much broader scale than ever before, without compromising our position on farmer data privacy.”