KAILUA, HAWAII, U.S. — Aquafeed Horizons 2017 will be held in Cologne, Germany, as part of the new FVG Select grain and feed industries networking event being organized by Victam International. Aquafeed Horizons will be held June 14, 2017, in the Cologne Exhibition Halls.

The conference is currently seeking presenters in the following subject areas, as they relate to the aquafeed sector:

· advances in formulations for specific farmed species;

·  advances in formulations for different rearing systems;

·  advances in formulations for different lifestages;

·  protein or carb alternatives;

·  functional ingredients for animal health and growth, environmental impact, the manipulation of finished products, optimizing available raw materials;

·  regional feed markets and market direction;

·  food chain safety;

·  new aquafeed processing technology;

·  aquafeed processing efficiency;

·  aquafeed processing considerations when using novel ingredients;

·  impacts of processing on ingredients and finished feed quality;

·  regional feed markets and market direction;

Submissions are due Dec. 1, 2016.

The Aquafeed Horizons conferences were created to provide the professional in the aquaculture feed sector with new technical and scientific information, product innovations and trends that help them to optimize production and meet objectives

Aquafeed Horizons 2017 will be one of six high quality feed and grain industry conferences to be held over the two days of FVG Select, a new networking event organized by Victam International. The two-day event will be conference-led with a strong emphasis on providing networking opportunities through personalized facilitators and digital services. There also will be a supporting exhibition and a number of hospitality suites.

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