From left: AFIA's Gary Huddleston with Christina Parisi, DOC, Scott Cedarquist, ASABE, and Joel G. Newman, AFIA.
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, U.S. — During the American Feed Industry Association's (AFIA) annual Equipment Manufacturers Conference (EMC) the U.S. Department of Commerce presented $260,112 to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and AFIA, as part of the International Trade Administration's Market Development Cooperative Program (MDCP). ASABE, AFIA and industry partners will match the award and then some, contributing $744,035 of its own funding, as each award winner pledges two-thirds of the project costs as well as making the commitment to sustain the project moving forward.

The award will assist in the development of international standards for feed machinery, thus increasing trade exports through trade standardization, the AFIA said. Funding will be dedicated to education, outreach, training, preparation, coordination and travel support for U.S. feed machinery industry representatives engaged in international standards development. The award also includes financial and technical assistance from the International Trade Administration, which will support business plans that strengthen industry by elevating exports. This will be a factor in the creation of U.S. jobs through exports.

“AFIA and ASABE staff are extremely excited about the federal funding we will receive for our work on the ISO/TC-293 project, as it will assist us in our educational efforts as we seek to engage industry experts in the process,” said Gary Huddleston, manager of feed manufacturing safety and environmental affairs at the AFIA. “We will also be able to use the funding to help offset some of the travel expenses incurred to get U.S. industry experts to the required ISO meetings.”

A formal presentation took place at EMC, Nov. 4 in Tucson, Arizona, U.S., with DOC and ASABE representatives in attendance to announce the award and answer questions following Huddleston's presentation on ISO/TC-293, an initiative in which the AFIA is heavily involved. Huddleston is chairman for ISO/TC-293's Technical Advisory Group.

The ISO/TC-293 project’s goal is the standardization of single feed machine, processing systems and complete production line, including safety, hygienic requirements, environmental protection and specific technical requirements of feed machinery used in feed processing mills.

“All of these efforts and activities will hopefully help ensure an outcome in this standards work that will be beneficial to U.S. feed equipment manufacturers,” Huddleston said.