Grain trade Australia
Pat O’Shannassy

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Grain Trade Australia (GTA) appointed Pat O’Shannassy as its new chief executive officer (CEO), effective Nov. 1. O’Shannassy became interim CEO of GTA following the passing of Geoff Honey in June.

“Pat has been very effective in the interim CEO role and has established strong working relationships with the board and staff, members and the broader grains industry,” said Peter Reading, chairman of the GTA.

O’Shannassy was previously a director of GTA and a past director of the Australian Grain Exporters Association (AGEA) and member of the Commodity Markets Council (U.S.).

“Pat has vast industry experience, having spent more than 20 years in the grains industry in Australia and USA,” Reading said. “He has a diverse experience across the entire value chain, with roles in management, grain origination, trading, trade policy and business strategy, gained from working for trade houses, financial institutions as well as customer service and information focused businesses.”

O’Shannassy holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Melbourne and a post-graduate diploma in applied finance and investment.

“The grains industry is progressing through an exciting phase in its growth and development,” O’Shannassy said. “I look forward to working with GTA members and all segments across the value chain and continuing to make a contribution to the ongoing success of the Australian grains industry.  The grains industry is such an important part of the agricultural and export sectors of the Australian economy.”

The GTA was formed in 1991 to formalize commodity trading standards, develop and publish the trade rules and standardize grain contracts across the Australian grain industry.  GTA's role today is to help ensure the efficient facilitation of commercial activities across the grain supply chain.