WARDEN, WASHINGTON, U.S. — Pacific Coast Canola, a subsidiary of Legumex Walker Inc., announced on Dec. 21 that it has begun hiring for its canola crushing plant currently under construction in Warden, Washington, U.S.

The plant is expected to commence operations in early 2013, but the company is looking to bring aboard key personnel in early 2012 to participate in the construction phase of the project and to establish the plant's operating procedures.

The first six positions posted include:

  • Production manager
  • Environmental health and safety manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Maintenance manager
  • Plant engineer
  • Quality assurance manager

"Posting these positions is an exciting step for the project," said Norm Spaeth, Pacific Coast Canola's vice-president of engineering and plant operations. "The people who fill these jobs will be part of our core management team, responsible for keeping our employees safe, for the quality of our products and for ensuring our plant operates at peak efficiency. This team will also make sure that farmers can deliver their seed to us and ensure timely delivery of our products to customers. They will report directly to the plant manager and will develop our operating procedures as well as help hire the rest of our staff."

Spaeth said the company expects to hire most of the plant staff by next fall in order to do the training necessary before the start of plant operations. 

Details about each position and applicant instructions are available online. 

Joel Horn, president and chief executive officer of Pacific Coast Canola and of parent company Legumex Walker, said the hiring schedule reflects the overall status of the project which is on time and on budget.

"We're very excited to see the activity on the site grow in scope and intensity as the Warden project moves from the planning stage to reality," said Horn. "We're on schedule to begin operations in early 2013 and the community continues to be a great partner with us at every level. Our neighbors' enthusiasm for the project confirms that we picked the right place at the right time for this facility."

The Warden facility, which is designed to process 1,100 tonnes of canola per day, will be the company's first in the U.S. and will produce expeller-pressed canola oil and high-quality canola meal.

The facility is expected to be operational by early 2013 and is being constructed by Industrial Construction Group of Portland, Oregon, U.S. Total cost of the plant is expected be approximately $110 million. The plant has a design output capacity of 142,500 tonnes of canola oil and 227,000 tonnes of canola meal per year. Pacific Coast Canola is 85% owned by Legumex Walker and 15% by Glencore Grain Investment LLC.