DALLAS, TEXAS, U.S. — Maxi-Lift, Inc. announced in November that it has added 13 new sizes and enhanced existing models in its Tiger-Tuff maximum duty elevator bucket line.

The bucket line now offers 30 sizes. Maxi-Lift said that the New Tiger-Tuff five-inch and six-inch projection buckets add versatility to the feed market, while existing seven-inch and eight-inch projection buckets are thicker and tougher, adding significant improvement to bucket life.

The company said that the Tiger-Tuff buckets have been designed to increase bucket life up to four times. “Tiger-Tuff is the best bucket made in the industry — stronger, thicker and they last longer. Companies experience less down time with Tiger-Tuff,” said John Windwehen, 32-year feed industry veteran and Maxi-lift consultant.

Enhancements have been made to the seven-inch and eight-inch projection models, Maxi-Lift said. The enhancements include thickening the lip and front corners to reduce traditional wear pattern and improving overall structural life.

The company noted that extending the Tiger-Tuff line was made at the request of its customers. “Years ago, Maxi-Lift reinvented the elevator bucket with the release of Tiger-Tuff, satisfying the industry desire for a better product. Since then, we’ve had customers with elevators that didn’t run our bucket sizes requesting a Tiger-Tuff innovation to meet their needs. Now, we have answered their call with the addition of the five- and six-inch projection lines,” said Bo Fisher, director of sales at Maxi-Lift.

Maxi-Lift said that adding smaller projection buckets to the Tiger-Tuff line allows premium buckets to optimize feed leg production, and in addition, changing buckets less often is safer for production employees, reducing the risk of exposure, as well as liability issues stemming from possible contamination.