SALINA, KANSAS, U.S. — Vortex Global Ltd. announced on Sept. 27 the appointment of Integrated Business Corp. (IBC) as its new agent in United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait.  IBC is a portal company that utilizes local knowledge of developing projects to integrate global partners into the local Omani market.

“IBC’s aim is to be one of the top companies for agreements to hold business licenses to expand in Oman and UAE,” said Rey Acurantes, IBC business development manager. “We are able to mobilize within these regions at short notice and provide service for our global clients who wish to invest in these countries. We like to develop tailored sustainable solutions that integrate quality systems into the culture and practices of an organization.”

The UAE is currently diversifying its sources of income as oil prices continue to lower across the globe. The Ministry of Economy hopes to increase the manufacturing industry sectors to absorb the financial shock of the current oil prices, Vortex said. Projects in base metals, chemicals, food and beverages, machinery, rubber and plastics, cement, glass, and wood are planned to help the UAE economy

"IBC is able to easily identify the challenges of the market in Oman and the Emirates," said Laurence Millington, director of international business for Vortex. "Being a dry bulk components company, this is an exceptionally good time to enter the Middle Eastern markets. IBC has the expertise to get us there.”