ATCHISON, KANSAS, U.S. — The Kansas Department of Commerce recently honored MGP Ingredients (MGP) as one of 21 Regional Business Award winners across the state in recognition of the company’s business achievements and high level of community support and involvement. This is the second time in four years that MGP has received the award, which is presented as part of the commerce department’s Annual Business Appreciation Program that celebrates Kansas, U.S., businesses and their contributions to their communities and the state economy.

Antonio Soave, Kansas Commerce secretary, said the business appreciation awards, “give the commerce department the opportunity to show its support, recognition and gratitude for the businesses who work hard to excel in the state of Kansas. The businesses that have been selected as winners represent the dedication of Kansas workers, the resounding infrastructure that these businesses are built on and the level of support created by the state of Kansas for every type of business.”

Divided into six regions of the state, the awards program recognizes businesses from nominations submitted across four categories: manufacturing/distribution; service; retail; and hospital/non-profit.  Nominated by the city of Atchison, Kansas, U.S., in the manufacturing/distribution category, MGP was one of only two regional award winners from the state’s 19-county northeast region.  The other winner in the region was Atchison Hospital.

MGP Ingredients
Gus Griffin, president and chief executive officer of MGP. 

“MGP is deeply grateful for having been nominated and subsequently chosen as a recipient of this distinguished award,” said Gus Griffin, president and chief executive officer of MGP.  “This type of recognition is especially significant in 2016 considering that we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of our company’s founding in Atchison. Throughout the company’s history, our generations of employees have never lost their focus on continually strengthening our business and delivering on initiatives that provide value and benefits to our community neighbors, as well as customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders.”

Support of community enhancement activities and programs related to the recruitment and retention of employees were among criteria on which award selections were based. Through its Corporate Gifts Program and the volunteer involvement of numerous employees, MGP supports multiple non-profit organizations, projects and events in Atchison and the surrounding area, as well as in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, U.S., site of the company’s other major facility.

Principal categories of community initiatives that the company supports are focused on educational endeavors, quality of life enhancement projects, and the general health and well-being of area residents. MGP also maintains active involvement in numerous community projects and organizations, including Chamber of Commerce board, council and committee functions, and additionally has performed active roles in local and area economic development projects throughout its history.