KSU Feed Manufacturing Course
Course participants Ahmad Mujahid, Melissa Ireland and Abudurasak Badina examine feed during the dairy unit tour.
MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. – The Kansas State University’s (KSU) Department of Grain Science and Industry held its 40th annual IGP KSU feed manufacturing course July 11-15 at the IGP Institute Conference Center. This year’s offering covered a variety of feed manufacturing practices and techniques for the 38 class participants.

The course was taught by individuals from KSU and within the feed and allied industries to provide in-depth training on all aspects associated with feed manufacturing.

The feed manufacturing course discusses the major elements of modern feed manufacturing and examines advances in feed technology. Content and topics covered include: grain storage and pest control, particle size reduction, batching and mixing, pelleting, cooling and crumbling, extrusion, drying and cooling, the effect of feed processing on animal nutrition, feed plant design, maintenance, steam generation systems and feed, grain and ingredient handling.

Carlos Campabadal, course manager, said the course had a very diverse technical group that came from countries all over the world.

“Participant backgrounds ranged from equipment suppliers, feed millers, animal nutritionists and technical experts,” said Campabadal. “This made the training very interesting and good interactions were made throughout the course. Having such an excellent group of speakers helped participants get a good view on the latest trends in feed manufacturing.”

Course participant Steve Trachsel, manager of production at Cherkizovo Feed, said he enjoyed hearing people who not only have theoretical knowledge, but also have practical knowledge.

“What I’ve been telling my workers for the past year and have been trying to educate, train and get them to understand has been reinforced here by what I consider to be the true experts,” said Trachsel. “Now they will be able to be disciples on what they’ve learned with other people in our feed group.”

In addition to topic lectures, participants engage in hands-on sessions at the KSU O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center. Tours through the KSU swine and dairy facilities were also included.

In addition to feed manufacturing and grain quality, IGP also offers training in grain processing and flour milling, and grain marketing and risk management.