LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, U.S. — BinMaster Level Controls recently released a new eBob software feature for SmartBob2 and SmartBob-TS1 sensors that supports level measurement for non-linear vessels such as bins with cone bottoms, horizontal tanks and mushroom-shaped tanks.

BinMaster noted that eBob software now offers the ability to input height-to-volume or weight data into a strapping table to allow the eBob software to account for bin shapes or material properties such as non-linear vessels or compaction of material in the bin when generating measurement data. An unlimited number of entries can be made into the strapping table based upon the type of data the user has available.

When setting up eBob software, the user has an option for selecting custom vessel configuration. A screen appears that asks for the height to be entered along with the volume or weight parameter for that particular material height. The data can be entered in volume, such as bushels — or in weight, such as tons. As few as two entries — full and empty — or a limitless amount of entries can be accommodated. Users who have good data available regarding their tanks can getter better data from the eBob software when setting up the tank parameters to allow for compaction of material at different levels of the tanks or for irregular shaped tanks including horizontal cylinders on their sides.

“The use of the strapping tables can help users adjust parameters in the software to get output data that is very specific to their tank,” said Todd Peterson, vice-president of sales for BinMaster. “Industries like plastics, cement, and grain deal with materials that tend to compact at the bottom of the tank or might have cone-bottomed vessels and need to account for the size and shape of the cone. The key is for the user to have reliable and plentiful data to put into the strapping table to get the results they want from the eBob software.”