MANHATTAN, KANSAS, U.S. – Kansas State University (KSU) recently announced  that Milling Science and Management student, Jessica Davis, was awarded a scholarship toward her out-of-state tuition costs on behalf of Mennel Milling Company. The scholarship’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to full-time students enrolled in the Milling Science and Management curriculum at KSU. The scholarship allows non-Kansas students to attend the university at in-state tuition costs.

 “Having this financial assistance will allow me to better focus my time and efforts on learning as much as possible at Kansas State,” Davis said.

The scholarship was established in 2010. Funds provided are to cover $10,000 of out of state tuition, and an extra $1,000 for travel costs. The scholarship is awarded to one student from any of these five states: Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana or Virginia. Scholarship recipients must also achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Each student who receives the award is eligible for its renewal the following year.

“Scholarships, particularly of the scale pledged by Mennel Milling, are an important component of our recruitment and retention efforts,” said Jon Faubion, KSU professor of baking and science. “Mennel, and in particular Ford Mennel, have the gratitude of our faculty and our students for their forward thinking generosity.”