MADRID, SPAIN — Bentall Rowlands announced in June the opening of a new sales and engineering office located in Madrid, Spain.

A new team of five joined the company on May 1. The team brings experience that has developed over many years from working within the grain storage sector.

Antonio Benítez, Elena Ektova, Ignacio Cervera, along with the U.K.-based sales force, will take a leading role in international sales and market developments. Eduardo García and Carlos González will be involved in the product and application engineering side of the business. This will bring valuable practical experience in these activities and will provide substantial increases in the company's overall capabilities, the company said.

“This is an exciting period for Bentall Rowlands and the team. It is part of a serious strategic development plan currently being invested upon, to bring focused sales growth with increased customer satisfaction,” said Paul Kirkman, managing director. 

“It coincides with further investments being made in the production capabilities and infrastructures at the U.K. production facility in Scunthorpe. This overall strategy demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to our existing and future client base. It further increases our capability to manage, even better, the requirements of a more and more demanding market, not only in Europe but throughout the world.”