ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — Viterra announced on Nov. 15 that it has released harvest pool estimates for its wheat and barley pools for the 2011-12 season.

Marc Cooney, Viterra’s general manager country sales, said the estimated pool returns, which will be updated every two weeks, provide realistic forecasts, reflecting the long-term market view rather than a point–in-time valuation.

“The stability, security and innovation offered by Viterra pools, in an uncertain environment and volatile market, are critical features for building your business and providing choice when marketing your grain,” he said. “We also provide a guaranteed pool return, security of payment, quality increments and a transparent, fixed management fee.”

Viterra’s pools are actively managed for every participant. They offer the choice of a fast harvest payment or flexible deferred options, designed to cater for specific business cash flow needs. A pool advance is also available, offering growers flexible cash flow when required.

The pool estimates quote Free On Board (FOB) pricing from each port zone net of management fees and underwriting. Storage and handling fees are deducted to arrive at an FIS/ESR equivalent basis.

The estimates also detail the returns for each pool payment alternative, namely, harvest payment, quarterly distribution and deferred payment.

Information is also provided on payments or deductions which are applicable for protein, screenings and moisture increments.

Tables showing all pool estimates are available on thewebsite.