Richardson International Limited, Bennett Farm
The location will allow for testing of seed varieties, crop input products and equipment in real growing conditions.
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Richardson International Limited is investing C$15 million to create a brand new research farm in Saskatchewan to further Canadian agriculture.

Bennett Farm, a 444-acre demonstration farm and training center located in Richardson, Saskatchewan outside of Regina, will allow Richardson and its partners to put the latest seed varieties, crop input products and equipment to the test in real growing conditions.

Since 1997, Richardson has operated Kelburn Farm, a 500-acre research farm and crop development center just south of Winnipeg in the Red River Valley. Bennett Farm will be a sister farm to Kelburn and will allow Richardson to gather more accurate information on how crops and products perform in different growing environments.

“At Richardson, we are committed to furthering Canadian agriculture through research and development and growing our industry for the future,” said Curt Vossen, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Richardson. “While Kelburn Farm is a valuable resource for agriculture in Manitoba, we recognize that results might not be the same in other geographies. We are excited to establish Bennett Farm here in Saskatchewan, which is the heart of the growing region and our Richardson Pioneer network.” 

Bennett Farm will be a multi-year project built in three phases. Initial site work began last fall and phase one is almost complete with the addition of a machine shop, shed, storage bins and initial landscaping. The first crop was planted this spring and Bennett Farm will host tours throughout the growing season. Phase two will begin in 2017 with the construction of a new regional office for Richardson Pioneer. In 2018, phase three will add a large training and events center, which will provide space for meetings and events for Richardson and its suppliers and partners.

“Bennett Farm will be much more than a research facility. We are committed to making a significant investment in the province of Saskatchewan and creating a prominent education and training center for students of all ages,” said Vossen. “Bennett Farm will be unique to Saskatchewan as it will offer our customers, employees, partners and the community the opportunity to see agriculture up close and learn more about the importance of our industry for generations to come.”