ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — Two of CHS Inc.’s locally governed ag retailers,CHS Mountain West Co-opandCHS Kalispell, recently agreed that consolidating their operations would be in the best long-term interest of patrons and their communities. 

“Both of our businesses are financially strong and coming together will allow us to put the appropriate level of resources into programs and services that help our customers grow their operations,” said Douglas W. Manning, board chairman, CHS Kalispell. 

Pending appropriate due diligence, the groups expect to begin operating as one, under the name CHS Mountain West Co-op, on Sept. 1. The boards have appointed Chuck Thompson as general manager and Mark Lalum as assistant general manager for the new business. Customers should expect a smooth transition with little change in their day-to-day experience during this time.

“Our combined size and scope will enhance our leverage with chemical manufacturers and strengthen our risk management of market positions, among other advantages,” said Brien Weber, board chair, CHS Mountain West Co-op. “Together, we’ll be able to reach efficiencies for you that we could not achieve individually.”

As full-service ag retailers, CHS Mountain West Co-op and CHS Kalispell collectively serve farmers, ranchers and other customers in 10 counties across Montana, U.S., from the Canadian border to Idaho, U.S.