MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Australia's largest single commodity, wheat, rose in value by 60% to A$7.6 billion in 2010-11, according to preliminary figures from the Agricultural Census released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Nov. 17.

The value of principal agricultural commodities increased by 19% in 2010-11.

The total value of crops rose by 26%, livestock slaughterings by 8% and livestock products by 25%.

The value of livestock products increased to A$7.2 billion in the same period, a rise of 25%, due to significant increases to the value of wool.

The value of livestock slaughtered rose by 8%, with increases in the value of sheep, lambs, cattle, calves and poultry offsetting decreases in the value of pigs.

Key crop movements:

Wheat, up 60% to A$7.6 billion;
Grain sorghum, up 52% to A$448.7 million;
Barley for grain, up 24% to A$1.7 billion;
Oats, up 18% to A$218.3 million;
Sugarcane for crushing, down 32% to A$946.4 million; and
Cotton, up 126% to A$1.7 billion.