CREMONA, ITALY — OCRIM hosted the National Association of Italian Milling Industry Technicians (ANTIM) for a technical meeting focused on the issue concerning the "good hygiene standards in milling plants" on April 16. Many industry experts, technologists and owners of mills from Italy came to Cremona.

The conference began with a welcome from Lorenzo Cavalli, president of ANTIM, and from Alberto Antolini, chief executive officer of OCRIM. Cavalli then introduced the speakers of the conference who presented topics according to their knowledge and experience on good hygiene standards in mills. 

Speakers included Marco Galli, OCRIM’s technological department manager, Daniele Fogliazza, expert in safety and quality certifications, and Mauro Caputo, owner of Caputo milling plant. The conference ended with the questions from the audience.

At the end of the conference, Paolo Molinari, OCRIM’s Electric Department manager, showed and explained the operation of one of the latest innovations of OCRIM, the online-MGA.

Antolini explained that the company’s core business is focused on the technology and mechanics, but it is also aware of the importance of honest relationships to grow and improve.

The participants visited all the production departments of both OCRIM sites. OCRIM said it is grateful to ANTIM for choosing its headquarters in Cremona, Italy as a location for its technical and relational meeting day.