CARY, NORTH CAROLINA, U.S. — Bühler Aeroglide announced on April 19 its worldwide drying seminar series for 2016. Each seminar is designed to help customers recognize the principles and techniques for optimal drying, regardless of the dryer make or model, the company said.
Interactive drying seminars teach participants how to apply theory to enhance the performance of their equipment. Created for plant managers, project managers, plant engineers and quality control personnel, each two-and-a-half day program is designed to help participants improve processing capacity, product quality, and energy efficiency. In the long run, these adjustments can mean large savings, the company said. 

“Many dryers operate as much as 30% below their potential efficiency,” said Jason Pintuff, Bühler Aeroglide's process development manager, who supports the company’s food science specific processing expertise.  “Even in smaller production lines, a major source of lost revenue comes from convection conveyor dryers that are not operating efficiently. Drying Theory Put to Practice helps customers understand energy usage as well as the mechanical functions and principles of drying.”

Drying theory put to practice explores drying basics including parameters, balancing, evaluating, mechanical inspections and troubleshooting with a dryer simulation.  It also teaches advanced drying concepts and measurement practices in a hands-on lab session combined with advance calculation methods used for dryer sizing, the company said. 

Following is a list of the dates and locations for Bühler Aeroglide’s 2016 drying seminars:

Aug. 9-11 – Joinville, Brazil
Sept. 27-29 – Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 11-13 -- Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.
Nov. 15-17 -- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A seminar is also being scheduled for Bangkok, Thailand. To register and access the latest updates, please clickhere.