ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — CHS and Mid Kansas Coop (MKC), a full-service farm cooperative offering a complete line of products, programs and services throughout Kansas,are considering plans to build and operate a grain terminal in Milan, Kansas, U.S. If approved, site preparation would begin in early 2016. Located in Sumner County, the facility will include a high-speed shuttle loader with access to the BNSF line. Upon completion, on-site storage will be approximately 7 million bushels.

“This project is part of our continued commitment to meet the needs of producers and to sustain the cooperative model for future generations,” said Dave Christiansen, president and chief executive officer, MKC.  “The addition of speed and space with access to world markets will bring value to the local producers in the region and allow other cooperatives in the area access to markets through a cooperative partner.”

“Helping producers successfully grow their operations today as well as tomorrow takes a strong cooperative system,” said Lynden Johnson, executive vice-president, CHS Country Operations division. “We are proud to be partners with MKC to invest on behalf of our owners and meet the growing needs of area farmers.”

The facility would operate as Producer Ag, LLC, a limited liability company owned by CHS and MKC. The LLC also operates a high-speed shuttle loading facility in Canton, Kansas, U.S. The LLC is a member of Team Marketing Alliance (TMA) which would handle grain marketing services for the Sumner County facility.

“Our alliance with global grain partner, CHS, connects MKC producer-members directly to the end-user through the cooperative system,” said Christiansen. “Our goal is to strategically position our cooperative for the future to add value for our producers.”